Always Hungry Goat

In the depths of the Ancient Forest, there lived a peculiar goat who was always hungry. No matter how much grass it ate, it was never enough to satiate its appetite. This goat roamed the forest, munching on every blade of grass it could find. Its hunger was so great that it even ate the leaves off of trees, and gnawed on the bark of tree trunks. The other creatures of the forest tried to avoid it, afraid that it would devour everything in sight and leave nothing for them to eat.

However, there was one thing that made this goat different from all the other goats of the forest that were once there- it was friendly. Despite its insatiable hunger, it would never harm any of the other animals. In fact, the goat seemed to enjoy their company, following them around and occasionally nuzzling them with its nose. But as the days went on, the other creatures began to worry. They watched as the goat ate its way through the entire forest, leaving behind nothing but barren ground. They knew that they couldn't let this continue, but they didn't know how to stop it.

One day, a wise old owl flew to the goat's side and asked it why it was always so hungry. The goat replied that it didn't know, it just felt like it was never full. The owl then suggested that perhaps the goat was searching for something more than just food.

With this thought in mind, the goat began to explore the forest in a new way. It wandered deeper into the woods, taking in the sights and sounds of its surroundings. And to its surprise, it found that it was no longer so hungry. It discovered that the joy of exploration and discovery could be just as satisfying as a full belly.

From that day forward, the goat no longer ate everything in sight. Instead, it spent its days adventuring through the Ancient Forest, always discovering new wonders and making new friends. And though it never lost its appetite entirely, the goat learned to find happiness in other ways - and in doing so, became a beloved member of the forest community.


Always Hungry Goat


Ancient Forest




A white wild goat.

Noteable treats

Eats grass. Forever.