Flower Shop Owner

The owner of the flower shop in the heart of the city was a mysterious figure, shrouded in secrecy and known only by the quality of her wares. She did not reveal her name to anyone, and even her most loyal customers knew her only as the "Flower Lady".

But despite her enigmatic persona, the Flower Lady was renowned throughout the city for the beauty and vibrancy of her flowers. Her shop was a riot of color and scent, with bouquets of roses, lilies, and daisies overflowing from every corner.

Visitors came from far and wide to see her collection, and the Flower Lady was always happy to welcome them into her shop. She would greet each customer with a warm smile and a twinkle in her eye, eager to share the joy and beauty of her flowers with anyone who cared to stop by.

And though she kept her true identity a secret, there was a sense of mystery and wonder about the Flower Lady that only added to her allure. Some said she was a witch, with a magical touch that made her flowers grow more vibrant and alive than any others. Others claimed she was a secret agent, using her flower shop as a front for her covert activities.

But no one knew for sure. The Flower Lady remained an enigma, a figure of mystery and fascination in the heart of the city. And her flowers continued to bloom and thrive, spreading their beauty and color to all who saw them, and bringing joy and happiness to all who took them home.


Flower Shop Owner


Waag Harbour




A purple and red outfit with golden arm bands

Noteable treats

Tending her plants