Deep in the heart of the Ancient Forest, there lived a small and timid creature known as Hertje. Hertje was a deer, with a sleek and graceful form and a coat of soft, rust-colored fur that blended perfectly with the trees and underbrush.

Hertje spent most of its days grazing on the tender grasses that grew among the trees, or lying quietly in a patch of sunlight, soaking up the warmth of the day. It was a peaceful existence, and Hertje was content to spend its days in quiet solitude, far from the bustle and noise of the outside world.

But despite its quiet nature, Hertje was not afraid of humans, and would often allow people to approach it with a cautious curiosity. It was a rare privilege to see Hertje up close, and those who were lucky enough to do so were struck by the deer's delicate beauty and gentle spirit.

However, Hertje was easily startled, and any sudden movements or loud noises would send it bounding away into the safety of the forest. So if you ever had the chance to see Hertje in its natural habitat, it was important to approach slowly and quietly, so as not to disturb the deer's delicate sensibilities.

For Hertje was a symbol of the beauty and tranquility of the Ancient Forest, a creature of grace and elegance that embodied the peace and harmony of nature. And though it might seem like a small and insignificant creature to some, to those who took the time to appreciate its delicate beauty, Hertje was a true wonder of the forest, a living embodiment of the magic and mystery that lay hidden among the trees.




Ancient Forest




Brown with yellowish dots.

Noteable treats

Roams the Ancient Forest wild and free.