Huis Pappa & Mamma

Life in the world of Sketchy Fables was a hectic affair, especially for those who had taken on the challenge of parenthood. Amid the hustle and bustle of daily life, there was always a million things to do, from keeping the house in order to taking care of the little one.

For this young family, the days were long and filled with the constant demands of parenthood. There were diapers to change, meals to prepare, and endless loads of laundry to do. And all the while, someone had to bring home the bacon, so to speak, in order to afford the many expenses that came with raising a child.

Despite the chaos and exhaustion, however, there was a deep sense of joy and fulfillment in the life they had created. The baby was the light of their lives, a tiny bundle of energy and curiosity that never failed to amaze and delight them. And as they watched their child grow and develop, they knew that all the hard work and sacrifice was worth it.

So if you happened to be in the neighborhood, you were always welcome to stop by and pay a visit to this hardworking family. They might be tired and a little frazzled, but they were always happy to share a cup of tea and swap stories about the joys and challenges of parenthood. For in a world as busy and unpredictable as Sketchy Fables, it was the connections we made with one another that truly made life worth living.


Huis Pappa & Mamma


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Dad wears yellow trousers and mother a reddish dress.

Noteable treats

They take care of their home and baby.