Jheronymus Bosche

Deep in the murky depths of the Sketchy Fable World, there lived a large and unusual fish that was the stuff of legends. Few had ever seen it, and those who had described it as a creature of incredible size and strange appearance.

But what really set this fish apart was its incredible ability to spit out other fish. Yes, you heard that right: it would open its gaping maw and eject a stream of smaller fish that would fly through the water like missiles, startling and confusing any nearby predators.

Many rumors circulated about this bizarre creature. Some said it had been cursed by a witch, while others claimed it was the product of a bizarre experiment gone awry. But no one knew for sure where it could be found, or even if it was real at all.

Despite the mystery that surrounded it, however, the legend of the spitting fish persisted, passed down from generation to generation as a testament to the strange and wondrous creatures that inhabited the Sketchy Fable World. And for those brave enough to venture into the unknown depths, the possibility of encountering such a creature was a thrill that was hard to resist.


Jheronymus Bosche






A large grey fish

Noteable treats

Rare sighting spitting out other fish.