Kat was a sight to behold, with a rainbow of colors that seemed to shimmer and dance in the light. It was a mystery to all who saw it, for no one knew for sure where this colorful feline had come from, or why it was so unlike any other cat in the land.

Some said that Kat had fallen into a bucket of paint as a kitten, and that the colors had stained its fur for life. Others believed that it was simply a natural phenomenon, a rare genetic mutation that gave the cat its incredible hues.

But regardless of how it came to be, Kat was a beloved figure in the Sketchy Fable World, a symbol of individuality and beauty in a world that often valued conformity and convention. Wherever it roamed, it attracted attention and admiration, drawing the eye with its dazzling array of colors and patterns.

And if you were lucky enough to encounter Kat on your journey, you were sure to be struck by its unique and unforgettable appearance. For in a world full of cats that all looked the same, Kat was a shining example of the beauty that could be found in diversity and difference.








Multiple colored cat.

Noteable treats

Roams the land by itself.