Legendary Beast

Deep in the Sketchy Fabled world, there is a legendary beast that has captured the imaginations of many, yet remains shrouded in mystery. Its existence has been rumored for centuries, with stories passed down from generation to generation about its immense size, incredible strength, and fearsome appearance.

Despite countless attempts to track down this elusive creature, however, it has never been definitively spotted or identified. Some say it only appears to those who possess a pure heart and a strong spirit, while others believe that it has the power to remain invisible or shape-shift at will.

The true origin of this legendary beast is another topic of much debate and speculation. Some believe it to be a remnant of an ancient civilization, a powerful being that was left behind when its creators disappeared into the mists of time. Others think it may be a creature from another dimension, accidentally stranded in the Sketchy Fabled world and seeking a way to return home.

Despite its unknown origins and intentions, however, the legendary beast has become a symbol of both fear and fascination in the Sketchy Fabled world. Some fear it as a dangerous and powerful predator, while others see it as a force of nature, a reminder of the awesome power and mystery of the world we live in. And for those brave enough to seek it out, the search for the legendary beast remains an ongoing adventure, a quest to unlock the secrets of one of the world's most enigmatic and elusive creatures.


Unknown Legendary Beast






An earth hog, crystalike and plantlike entity.

Noteable treats

Huge in size