Low Bit Business Man

The Low Bit Businessman, known to his friends as L.B., is a curious figure in the Adventurous land of Sketchy Fables. Born and raised in a world of high technology and modernity, L.B. found himself increasingly drawn to the nostalgia and simplicity of the past.

At first, it was just a passing interest - a fondness for old movies, a collection of vinyl records. But as he delved deeper into the past, L.B. found himself falling in love with a bygone era, a world of low-fi graphics, simple melodies, and classic design.

And so, with a passion that bordered on obsession, L.B. set out to create his own retro world in the midst of the bustling Adventurous land. He scoured the junkyards and thrift stores for discarded technology and obsolete gadgets, repurposing them into whimsical sculptures and art installations that harkened back to the golden age of electronics.

He decorated his shop in bright, bold colors, with posters and memorabilia from the 80s and 90s adorning the walls. And he filled it with vintage arcade games, pinball machines, and old-school consoles, inviting visitors to relive the glory days of gaming and technology.

At first, many dismissed L.B. as a quirky eccentric, out of step with the times. But over time, his vision began to catch on, and people from all over the Adventurous land began to flock to his shop, eager to experience the nostalgia and whimsy of L.B.'s retro world.

Today, the Low Bit Businessman is a beloved figure in the Adventurous land, a testament to the power of passion and creativity in a world that often values only the new and the shiny. His retro world is a reminder that there is beauty and value in the past, and that sometimes, the things we leave behind can be just as magical and wonderful as the things that lie ahead.


Low Bit Business Man


Purple Castle




Retro business man dressed for business.

Noteable treats

Owns a big purple castle