In the mysterious and enigmatic world of Sketchy Fables, there exist a group of monks who are known for their vast knowledge and deep wisdom. These monks, who live a life of seclusion and meditation, are shrouded in mystery and their whereabouts are still unknown to all but a select few.

Rumors about these monks have circulated for centuries, with some claiming that they possess secret knowledge and arcane powers that are beyond the realm of human understanding. Others believe that they are guardians of ancient artifacts and sacred texts, charged with preserving the knowledge of lost civilizations and forgotten lore.

Despite the many legends and myths that surround these mysterious monks, however, one thing is certain: their wisdom and knowledge are widely acknowledged and respected throughout the Sketchy Fables World. Those lucky enough to encounter one of these monks speak of their incredible insight, their vast understanding of the world around them, and their deep and abiding compassion for all living things.

For those who seek knowledge and enlightenment, the monks of the Sketchy Fables World are a beacon of hope and inspiration, a reminder that even in a world full of chaos and uncertainty, there are still those who devote their lives to the pursuit of wisdom and understanding. And though their whereabouts may be shrouded in mystery, their legacy of knowledge and compassion lives on, a testament to the power of the human spirit and the pursuit of truth.






Humans (we think)


Black robes

Noteable treats

Spending a lot of their time reading.