Mother & Child

At the bustling bus stop near the large church ruins of the Sketchy Fables World, there can often be found a mother and child, patiently waiting for the next bus to arrive. The woman is always prepared for whatever the weather may bring, clutching an umbrella in one hand as she keeps a watchful eye on her child.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the city around them, this little family remains calm and composed, content to wait for the fabulous bus that will take them to their destination. The child, a bright and curious little soul, bounces with energy and excitement, eager to explore all the wonders that the Sketchy Fables World has to offer.

And though they may seem like an ordinary family, there is something special about the way they move and interact with the world around them. They radiate a sense of peace and contentment, as if they are at home in a world that can often be chaotic and confusing.

For those passing by, the mother and child at the bus stop are a reminder that even in the midst of a busy and unpredictable world, there is always a sense of calm and order to be found. And as they board the fabulous bus and disappear into the colorful streets of the city, they leave behind a feeling of hope and possibility, a reminder that even the simplest moments of our lives can be filled with magic and wonder.


Mother & Child.


Bus stop at the church ruins.




Mothers purple umbrelle, yellow jacket.

Noteable treats

Her child has a blue jacket with red scarf.