Servant of King Zebra the Great

In the court of King Zebra the Great, there is a servant whose sole task is to follow the king wherever he goes, with a collection of presents at the ready. This servant, a loyal and dedicated figure in the bustling court, is always on hand to offer the king whatever he desires, whether it be a precious jewel or a rare and exotic delicacy.

And though the task of following the king around with presents may seem like a simple one, it is in fact an incredibly important and high-pressure job. For King Zebra is a demanding ruler, with exacting standards and a keen eye for detail, and so the servant must be always be prepared to offer him the perfect gift at the perfect moment.

And yet, despite the pressure and stress of this task, the servant remains a calm and composed figure in the court of King Zebra. Through his many years of service, he has learned to anticipate the king's every need, to understand his preferences and his tastes, and to be always ready with a gift that will bring a smile to the great king's face.

For those who serve in the court of King Zebra, there is no greater honor than to be chosen as the king's personal servant. And for this particular servant, the chance to follow his king and offer him the perfect gift is a task that he takes on with pride and dedication, always striving to meet the high expectations of his royal master.


Servant of King Zebra the Great.


Zibraffe Palace.




Black and white fur with hints of yellow.

Noteable treats

Long Green Shirt with many gifts.