Toilet Paper Boy

In the barren and unforgiving desert of The Sketchy Fables World, there is a boy known as Toilet Paper Boy, who lives his life on the camping terrain, eking out a living in the harsh and unforgiving landscape.

As he moves through the shifting sands and the biting winds of the desert, Toilet Paper Boy's simple and unassuming existence stands as a stark contrast to the glittering and bustling cityscapes that exist in other parts of the Sketchy Fables World. And yet, despite his humble circumstances, there is something deeply inspiring and compelling about this young boy and his determination to survive.

For Toilet Paper Boy, the desert is a harsh and unforgiving place, where the winds and sand chip away at his home bit by bit. And yet, through it all, he remains steadfast and resilient, never losing sight of his own worth and the value of the simple and unassuming life that he leads.

For those who pay a visit to this desolate area and encounter Toilet Paper Boy on his travels, there is a sense of humility and perspective that can be difficult to find elsewhere. His simple and unassuming existence reminds us of the value of what is truly important in life, and his determination to survive in the face of overwhelming odds is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the human spirit. Or perhaps... We should not be looking into it that hard...  There is some sadness to it too... Perhaps pay him a visit!


Toilet Paper Boy


Desert Campaing Terrain.




Blue shirt carrying a golden toilet paper roll.

Noteable treats

Looks tired.