In the city of The Sketchy Fables, there is a chav named Tokkie, who spends much of his time roaming in his garden, which is filled with trash and old stuff. While others in the city are busy with their own pursuits and passions, Tokkie seems content to simply live his life among the clutter and chaos of his own personal space.

And though his habits may seem strange and even a bit unsettling to some, there is something undeniably compelling about Tokkie's way of life. For in the midst of the clutter and chaos of his garden, there is a sense of creativity and resourcefulness that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Despite the mess that surrounds him, Tokkie seems to have a keen eye for the beauty and value in the things that others might discard. His garden, filled with old cans, discarded toys, and other debris, is a testament to the power of imagination and creativity, and to the ability of the human spirit to find meaning and purpose even in the most unlikely of places.

For those who encounter Tokkie and his garden, there is a sense of awe and inspiration in the air. His ability to find value and beauty in what others might see as trash is a reminder that even in a world that can often seem overwhelming and chaotic, there is always room for creativity and resourcefulness, and that the things that others might discard can often hold hidden treasures and unexpected joys.

And so, as Tokkie continues to roam in his garden filled with trash and old stuff, he stands as a testament to the enduring power of the human spirit, and a reminder that even in the midst of chaos and clutter, there is always the potential for beauty and meaning to be found.




Social Residence




Always without a shirt

Noteable treats

Has a lot of stuff and garbage.