Fuel Station

The Fuel Station on the Sketchy Fables World's Highway is a crucial destination for travelers and adventurers of all kinds. Whether you are embarking on a long and treacherous journey through the wilds of the Sketchy Fables World, or simply need to fill up your tank before continuing on your way, the Fuel Station is the perfect destination.

Located on the highway, the Fuel Station is a beacon of hope and comfort for those who are traveling through the vast and expansive landscape of the Sketchy Fables World. With its bright lights and welcoming atmosphere, the Fuel Station is a place to rest, relax, and recharge, with everything you need to keep your journey going.

And with the dark clouds of the city looming in the distance, the Fuel Station serves as a reminder of the vast and untamed wilderness that lies just beyond the borders of civilization, a place of beauty and wonder that can be both exhilarating and dangerous in equal measure.

So whether you are in need of fuel or simply looking for a place to rest and recharge on your journey through the Sketchy Fables World, the Fuel Station on the Highway is the place to be!


Fuel Station.


At the Highway.




Wooden design.

Noteable treats

Mini shop with snacks for on the road.