Retro Land Entrance

The Retro Landscapes of the Sketchy Fables World are like nothing else you will find in this world, or any other. Frozen in time and trapped in a bygone era, these landscapes are a testament to the enduring power of the past and the human desire to hold onto what has been lost.

Here, people live their lives much as they did in the days of old, with their retro clothes, their retro music, and their retro technology. Things move more slowly here, more deliberately, as if time itself has been slowed down to a crawl.

And yet, despite its retro nature, the Sketchy Fables World remains a place of wonder and magic, a place where anything is possible and the spirit of adventure and exploration still burns bright.

For those who are brave enough to venture into these retro landscapes, the rewards can be great indeed. Whether it is the thrill of discovery, the joy of meeting new people and making new connections, or simply the sense of wonder and awe that comes from being immersed in a world that is so different and yet so familiar, the experience of exploring the Sketchy Fables World's Retro Landscapes is like no other.

So if you are feeling adventurous, why not take a journey into the past and explore the Retro Landscapes of the Sketchy Fables World for yourself? Who knows what wonders and treasures you may discover along the way, and what mysteries you may unravel in the process.


Retro Land Entrance


Retro Land




Blue, yellow, green, red, etc. Pixels

Noteable treats

Follow the lines.