The Great Library

The Great Library of Zibraffe Palace is a vast repository of knowledge and information, containing volumes upon volumes of books, scrolls, and manuscripts that document the rich and storied history of the Zibraffe species and their rule over the Sketchy Fables World.

Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the rich and intricate world of the Zibraffe culture, exploring its myths, legends, and histories in breathtaking detail. From the earliest days of their civilization to the present day, the Great Library offers a window into the world of the Zibraffe people, their beliefs, their customs, and their way of life.

And while the Great Library is primarily a resource for scholars and historians, it is also a place of wonder and inspiration for anyone who visits it. With its towering shelves and ancient tomes, the Great Library is a place to lose oneself in the vast and complex world of the Sketchy Fables, to explore its mysteries and unravel its secrets, and to gain a deeper understanding of the incredible diversity and beauty of the natural world.

So if you are a lover of knowledge, a seeker of truth, or simply a curious adventurer looking to explore the wonders of the Sketchy Fables World, be sure to pay a visit to the Great Library of Zibraffe Palace. Here, you will find a world of knowledge, adventure, and discovery, waiting to be explored and enjoyed. But... It is really hard to get in!


The Great Library.


Zibraffe palace.




An old and vast library of the King.

Noteable treats

Containing a large collection of books.