Constantini Brancusi Sculpture

The famous sculpture "Bird in Space" by Constantin Brancusi is a true masterpiece of modern art, and it is no wonder that it has inspired generations of artists and art lovers around the world. And while the original sculpture may be located in a museum or private collection somewhere far away, visitors to Waterfall City can still experience its beauty and majesty at the local schoolyard.


Bird in Space


The Schoolyard in Waterfall City.




A unique abstract shape.

Noteable treats

Created almost a century ago.



Here, a commemorative version of "Bird in Space" has been erected as a tribute to the great artist and his incredible legacy. This striking sculpture captures all the grace, fluidity, and movement of Brancusi's original work, and is a testament to the power and impact of modern art on our world today.

But "Bird in Space" is just one of many artistic items and treasures waiting to be discovered in Waterfall City. From paintings and sculptures to architecture and design, this vibrant and creative city is a true treasure trove of artistic inspiration and wonder. So if you are an art lover or simply appreciate the beauty and creativity of the world around you, be sure to pay a visit to Waterfall City and experience its incredible artistic heritage for yourself.