The Waag Weapon Emblem

The Waag building, located in the city of Leeuwarden, is a historic and iconic structure that has been an important part of the city's identity and heritage for centuries. Built in the 16th century, the building was originally used as a weighing house, where merchants would bring their goods to be weighed and measured.

Over time, the Waag building became an important symbol of the city's economic and political power, and it was adorned with a number of intricate and ornate emblems and symbols. One of the most recognizable of these is the "De Waag" weapon emblem, which features prominently on the building's facade.

This powerful and striking emblem depicts a shield emblazoned with a lion, flanked by two flags and topped with a crown. It is a symbol of strength, power, and resilience, and it has become an enduring emblem of the city of Leeuwarden and its proud history and heritage.

Today, visitors to Leeuwarden can still see the iconic Waag building and its impressive weapon emblem, both in real life and in the vibrant and imaginative world of Sketchy Fables. So whether you are a lover of history, architecture, or art, be sure to pay a visit to this remarkable and inspiring landmark, and experience the rich and storied heritage of this beautiful and vibrant city for yourself.


The Waag Weapon Emblem.


De Waag 1




A mighty lion protecting the building.

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A lion with a blue Lion Shield.