Goat Droppings

While the location of the Always Hungry Goat may be shrouded in mystery, there is one telltale sign of its presence that cannot be ignored: the distinctive and pungent smell of its droppings.

As this perpetually hungry goat roams through the forests and meadows of the Sketchy Fables world, it leaves behind a trail of droppings that are impossible to miss. Whether you are hiking through the woods or exploring the open fields, the unmistakable odor of the goat's dung is sure to catch your attention and lead you straight to this curious and fascinating creature.

Of course, finding the Always Hungry Goat is just the beginning of the adventure. Once you have located this hungry and mischievous animal, you can observe its behavior, learn about its habits and tendencies, and perhaps even befriend it if you are lucky enough to gain its trust.

So if you ever find yourself in the forests and meadows of the Sketchy Fables world, keep your nose alert for the unmistakable smell of the Always Hungry Goat's droppings. They may just lead you to one of the most fascinating and entertaining creatures in this imaginative and wondrous world.


Goat Droppings


These droppings where found in the Ancient Forest.




Mostly brown.

Noteable treats

It just smells...