Large Cactus

In the scorching and unforgiving desert of the Sketchy Fables world, there are many unusual and fascinating sights to behold. One mysterious sight is an unusually large cactus that seems to have been frozen in a dance.

This cactus, which is much larger than any other cactus in the area, stands tall and proud, with a striking and almost otherworldly appearance. Its branches and spines seem to be frozen in mid-dance, as if they were caught in a moment of celebration or exultation.

For those who venture into the desert and come across this remarkable cactus, there are many questions that arise. How did it grow to such an enormous size? Did it actually dance? And what significance does it hold for the people and creatures of the desert? These questions may never be fully answered or even understood! 


Large Cactus.


Desert Area.




Green and thorny.

Noteable treats

Standing in solittude near the road.