Old 80's Television

In the world of Sketchy Fables, there are many characters who live life on their own terms, and Tokkie is one such character. Despite living in a world where technology and modern amenities are prevalent, Tokkie prefers to use an old, outdated television set to watch his favorite programs.

This television set with its bulky, boxy frame and retro design seems to be from another era, a time when televisions were rare and expensive luxuries, and yet Tokkie cherishes it and enjoys spending time watching his favorite shows.

Next to the television set, Tokkie has set up a foldable crate, which serves as his makeshift chair and viewing platform. The crate is sturdy and functional, but it is also a reminder of the simple and resourceful way of life that Tokkie prefers. He does not need fancy furniture or high-tech gadgets to be happy, and he finds joy in the small and humble things in life.

For those who encounter Tokkie and his old television set, there is a sense of nostalgia. This relic of a bygone era is a testament to the enduring power of technology, and it is a reminder that sometimes, we do with what we got. And just stare away. 


80's Television


In the garden of Tokkie




Old wooden television box.

Noteable treats

It works. We think.